Adam Horvath winner in Vandoeuvre International Open

The 10th Vandoeuvre International Open took place on 26-30th December at the Parc des sports, rue de Gembloux à Vandoeuvre, in Nancy, France.

The event consisted of three playing groups – Open A (for players rated over 1900, valid for title norms), Open B (U2000) and Open C (U1500).

The Open A had 49 participants, including nine Grandmasters. Hungarian GM Adam Horvath took a clear first place with 7,0/9 points to claim the top prize of 1500 EUR.

Open A final standings:
1. GM HORVATH Adam 2531 HUN – 7,0
2-4. GM FEDORCHUK Sergey 2660 UKR, GM KAZAKOV Mikhail 2502 UKR and GM CORNETTE Matthieu 2556 FRA – 6½
5-9. IM HAUB Thorsten Michael 2437 GER, IM DOURERASSOU Jonathan 2485 FRA, IM VIDONYAK Roman 2433 GER, GM VAJDA Levente 2584 ROU and GM NARCISO DUBLAN Marc 2521 ESP – 6,0
10-14. ADMIRAAL Miguoel 2315 NED , PUCHER Sebastien 2258 FRA, FM IDER Borya 2387 FRA, FM LE CORRE Benjamin 2290 FRA and IM BRUNNER Nicolas 2441 FRA – 5½ etc

The Open B had 69 players. French juniors Quentin Da Silva and Lucas Bajoni shared the first place with 7,5/9 points each.

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Vandoeuvre Chess Open

The playing hall at the Parc des sports, rue de Gembloux à Vandoeuvre