Karpov Rapid Tournament in Chelyabinsk

The Chelyabinsk State University hosted a rapid chess tournament in honour of the 12th World Champion Anatoly Karpov on 16-17th November.

88 players from 16 Russian cities, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Slovakia and Latvia took part in the competition. Among them were 12 Grandmasters.

After 11 rounds of play, Grandmaster Ivan Bukavshin (2612) took a clear first place with 9,0 points.

Grandmasters Igor Lysyj (2640) and Petr Kostenko (2451) and FM Artiom Frolov (2388) shared the second place with 8,5 points each.

Further below on 7,5 points each are GM Andrey Shariyazdanov (2563), GM Dmitry Kryakvin (2505), IM Vitaly Shinkevich (2488), Alexey Smirnov (2440), FM Oleg Yuzhakov (2349), IM Sergei Matsenko (2455) and GM Alexandr Fier (2615).