Magnus Carlsen to play in Tromsø Chess Olympiad

The President of the Norwegian Chess Federation, Jøran Aulin-Jansson, promises that Magnus Carlsen will be part of the Norwegian team at the next Chess Olympiad in Tromsø.

“Magnus has given a verbal guarantee that he will play, and he is not a man to run away from his promises. He will play as long as he is in good health and I hope that’s the case for many, many years,” says Aulin-Jansson.

He is delighted that Carlsen is steadily coming closer to world championship title after drawing in the eighth round of the World Chess Championship match. With four rounds to play, the 22-year-old, who is also an ambassador for the Chess Olympiad in Tromsø, is leading by 5-3.

Magnus Carlsen id

Carlsen was not part of the Norwegian team at the Chess Olympiad in Istanbul a year ago.

“Magnus had some private commitments and was therefore not available for the whole event. That would have increased the burden on the rest of the team,” Aulin-Jansson explained.

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