Susan Polgar suggests a lifetime ban for second cheating offense

After losing to Hans Niemann in the third round of the Sinquefield Cup 2022, Magnus Carlsen decided to withdraw from the event. Two weeks later he refused to play against Niemann and resigned his game in the Julius Baer Generation Cup after only two played moves. The controversy over the Carlsen – Niemann case was developing day after day (scroll down for full timeline), and Magnus Carlsen yesterday published the official statement on the topic. Carlsen confirmed he was considering to withdraw from the event as soon as he heard that Niemann will play, adding that cheating in chess is a big deal and an existential threat to the game.

Susan Polgar suggests five solutions to deter chess cheating and one of them is a lifetime ban for players who were repeatedly found guilty of cheating. See the tweet below

In connection with the recent happenings, Susan Polgar commented after Carlsen’s withdrawal from the Sinquefield Cup that the professional reputation of many parties is at stake. She also described Carlsen’s resignation against Hans Niemann as a protest move, adding that the performances of other young talents are sadly overshadowed by the ongoing Carlsen – Niemann stories. She also gave advice to chess players, especially the young ones, not to cheat, because it is simply not with it.

The timetable of happenings related to Carlsen – Niemann case:

Date News
5-Sep BREAKING: Magnus Carlsen withdraws from the Sinquefield Cup 2022
5-Sep Possible reasons of Magnus Carlsen’s withdrawal from the Sinquefield Cup 2022
5-Sep Hans Niemann was thoroughly checked before the fourth round of the Sinquefield Cup (VIDEO)
5-Sep Sinquefield Cup’s players and organizers react to Carlsen’s withdrawal from the tournament
5-Sep Hans Niemann R4 post-game interview: At least I got to beat Magnus Carlsen before he left
6-Sep Sinquefield Cup 2022 improves anti-cheating measures after Carlsen’s withdrawal
6-Sep Fabiano Caruana: Can’t wait to hear more about the Hans effect on The Magnus Effect
6-Sep Reactions to Magnus Carlsen’s withdrawal from the Sinquefield Cup 2022
6-Sep Niemann’s emotional confession R5 post-game interview: I cheated in random games on chess.com and this was the biggest mistake in my life
7-Sep Reactions to Hans Niemann’s interview
7-Sep Hans Niemann: I’d like to see what Nakamura has to say now
8-Sep Hans Niemann R6 post-game interview: The silence of my critics speaks for itself
8-Sep Elon Musk comments on accusations towards Hans Niemann
8-Sep Garry Kasparov about Carlsen’s withdrawal: It’s an act with no precedent in the past 50 years
9-Sep Chess.com explains its decision to remove Hans Niemann from the platform in the official statement
9-Sep Daniel Rensch about chess.com’s statement: This tweet speaks for itself
9-Sep Hikaru Nakamura reacts to Hans Niemann’s interview
9-Sep Susan Polgar about Niemann – Carlsen case: The professional reputation of many parties is at stake
9-Sep Garry Kasparov: Unless the chess world is to be dragged down into endless pathetic rumors, clear statements must be made
9-Sep Niemann keeps analyzing his game with MVL while getting checked with the anti-cheating device (VIDEO)
9-Sep Hans Niemann R7 post-game interview: It is absolutely ridiculous to play chess under these conditions
10-Sep Hikaru Nakamura and Daniel Naroditsky speak about cheating in chess
10-Sep Hans Niemann’s fans gather in front of the Saint Louis Chess Club
10-Sep Sinquefield Cup Chief Arbiter’s statement: We have no indication that any player has been playing unfairly in the Sinquefield Cup 2022
11-Sep New allegations within Niemann – Carlsen case: Hans Niemann performs much better with live DGT boards
11-Sep Nigel Davies, “If Carlsen does not speak soon, the FIDE Ethics Commission should act”
11-Sep Alexander Grischuk about Niemann – Carlsen case: Magnus freaked out for a reason
11-Sep Richard Rapport suggests a polygraph test to manage cheating in chess and protect players who are falsely accused
11-Sep Alexei Shirov: Hans Niemann’s last GM norm looks suspicious
12-Sep Hans Niemann after the end of the Sinquefield Cup 2022: It was a lot to handle and I wasn’t able to manage my nerves
13-Sep S.L. Narayanan: I believe FIDE has to take more stringent measures for both online as well as OTB
13-Sep Hans Niemann and Magnus Carlsen to meet at the Julius Baer Generation Cup
14-Sep Hans Niemann to be back at the Saint Louis Chess Club for the 2022 Fall Chess Classic
15-Sep Fabiano Caruana on Carlsen’s withdrawal: I do not think Niemann cheated in this tournament
16-Sep Leonard Barden for Guardian on Niemann – Carlsen case: It is time for FIDE to step in
16-Sep Stephen Colbert jokes about the latest accusations against Hans Niemann in his late night talk show
18-Sep Alejandro Ramirez shares his insights on Carlsen’s withdrawal: I don’t think Hans cheated
19-Sep Magnus Carlsen resignes against Hans Niemann in the second move
19-Sep Susan Polgar on Carlsen’s resignation against Niemann: Definitely a protest move!
19-Sep Hammer says Carlsen should be sanctioned in live Norwegian TV program
19-Sep Fair-Play specialist Kenneth Regan: Niemann played well, but not too well
19-Sep Levon Aronian: I believe Niemann hasn’t been the cleanest person when it comes to online chess
19-Sep Magnus Carlsen applauds Pragg for the fantastic game
19-Sep Reactions to Magnus Carlsen’s resignation
19-Sep Niemann’s and Carlsen’s facial expressions during their 2-move game
20-Sep Carlsen will not give any interviews during the tournament
20-Sep Anish Giri: we know about online cheating by multiple other chess players
20-Sep Nakamura on Carlsen – Nieman Julius Baer game
20-Sep Martin B. Justesen: Carlsen is handling the Chess.com merger like Elon Musk did with the purchase of Twitter
20-Sep Carlsen’s resignation is the top story in Norwegian newspapers
20-Sep Why was Hans Niemann invited to the Julius Baer Generation Cup?
20-Sep Naroditsky: I am pretty confident that Magnus believes Niemann has cheated over the board before Saint Louis
20-Sep The Carlsen – Niemann conflict is more recent than everyone thinks?
20-Sep What if Magnus Carlsen and Hans Niemann meet in the Julius Baer Generation Cup Knockout phase?
21-Sep Levon Aronian on 21-move loss to Niemann: Hans played very strange moves
21-Sep FIDE closely follows Carlsen – Niemann case, a statement to come
21-Sep Emil Sutovsky: FIDE is concerned about recent developments of Carlsen – Niemann case
21-Sep BREAKING! Magnus Carlsen: cheaters should not be taken lightly either online or OTB
21-Sep Niemann’s mentor whom Carlsen mentions in the interview was banned from chess.com for cheating?!
22-Sep Susan Polgar: Sadly, the performances of other young talents are overshadowed
22-Sep Anish Giri about the recent chess drama: It’s moving in circles a little bit
22-Sep Fabiano Caruana: I would take Regan’s analysis with a large grain of salt
22-Sep Magnus Carlsen: Some people were more supportive privately than publicly
23-Sep Ian Nepomniachtchi: I was unhappy to hear Hans Niemann will replace Rapport in Sinquefield Cup
23-Sep FIDE publishes the official statement on the Carlsen – Niemann case
24-Sep Top grandmasters take Carlsen’s side in the Carlsen – Niemann case?!
24-Sep Hans Niemann is innocent until proven guilty
25-Sep Susan Polgar: DON’T CHEAT! It is simply NOT worth it!
25-Sep Magnus Carlsen announces his statement(s) for the coming days: I want cheating in chess to be dealt with seriously
26-Sep Kenneth Regan for Al Jazeera: I was in daily communication with the Sinquefield Cup organizers
26-Sep BREAKING! Magnus Carlsen publishes the official statement: I believe that Niemann has cheated more
26-Sep Chris Bird – Chief Arbiter of the Sinquefield Cup 2022 reacts to Carlsen’s statement
26-Sep Nakamura on Carlsen’s statement: It seems to me that Carlsen thinks Hans was cheating in the game they played at the Sinquefield Cup
26-Sep Reactions to Magnus Carlsen’s official statement
26-Sep Is Carlsen’s statement the end, the beginning of the end, or only the end of the beginning? 
26-Sep Fabiano Caruana and Maurice Ashley comment on Carlsen’s statement (C-Squared podcast)
26-Sep GM Nigel Davies on Carlsen’s statement: This is a very clear accusation of cheating, but without actual evidence