Umada Cup 2013


FIDE Treasurer and Executive Director, Nigel Freeman visited Aruba recently and presented the prizes at the Umada Cup. He was royally entertained by the Aruba Chess Federation, its President, Octavio Croes and Secretary, Maurits Dijkhoff and met with Presidents of other Caribbean Chess Federations, including the new President of the Trinidad and Tobago Chess Federation, Anderson Gordon. Ryan Harper retained his title, only giving up one draw, and the events (Open, Challengers and Under 12) were ably arbited by IA Trevor Griffith of Barbados.

The leading prizes in the Umada Cup were as follows:


1. Ryan Harper (TTI) 8.5/9 $2,500
2. Roger Matoewe (SUR) 6.5
3. Marcus Joseph (TTI)


1. Mark Bueno (ARU) 7/9 $1,250
2. Sherman Maduro (CUR)
3. Angel Centeno (ARU)
Avikaar Malgie (SUR)
Kevin Cupid (TTI)
Geryen Dos Ramos (SUR)

Trevor Griffith, Ryan Harper and Nigel Freeman

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Marcus Joseph and Nigel Freeman

Mark Bueno and Nigel Freeman

Angel Centeno and Nigel Freeman

Maurits Dijkhoff

Young players

Octavio Croes, Nigel Freeman, dancers and young players

On his way back, Mr. Freeman stopped off at Curacao, where, thanks to the Curacao Foreign Office, he was able to meet the Federation President, Michel Fayad, and the Secretary, Jimmy Izijk at the airport.

Meeting Freeman 005
Nigel Freeman and Michel Fayad

Meeting Freeman 010
Jimmy Izijk, Nigel Freeman and Michel Fayad

All the Caribbean countries will be glad to hear that FIDE President, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, has agreed to continue sponsoring the Umada Cup.