Vitoux and Kudrin share first place in Empire City Open

The 32nd Annual Empire City Open was held on December 27-29, 2013, at the New Yorker Hotel, 481 Eighth Ave at 34th St, across from Penn Station, New York.

The event had 5 sections: Open, Under 2200, Under 1900, Under 1600 and Under 1300. The playing format was 6 round Swiss, 40/110, SD/30, d10 (2-day option, rds 1-3 G/40, d10).

The Open section attracted 40 participants. French IM Colomban Vitoux and local GM Sergey Kudrin shared the first place with 5,0/6 points each.

Open section final standings:

1-2. IM Colomban Vitoux 2501 NY and GM Sergey Kudrin 2575 CT – 5.0 ($900 each)
3-4. IM Akshat Chandra 2424 NJ and FM Gregory Markzon 2293 NJ – 4.5
5-9. Matan Prilleltensky 2299 NY, GM Vladimir Romanenko 2563 NY, IM Jay Richard Bonin 2422 NY, Isaac D Leon 2203 PA and Richard Tuhrim 2369 NY – 4.0 etc

New Yorker Hotel

New Yorker Hotel