Σκακιστικά νέα

Sinquefield Cup Recap – Round 8

unnamedAfter another peaceful day in Saint Louis, American Fabiano Caruana remains half a point ahead of the field. He is still being chased by a pack of players, including World Champion Magnus Carlsen.

Gharamian and Guichard are the winners at the French Championships 2018

général-2-670x300The French Chess Championship took place from August 18-26, 2018 in Nimes.
891 players took part in all the events!

In the man and women championship it was 10 players round-robins.

Sinquefield Cup Recap – Round 7

Carlsen-CaruanaA large crowd gathered at the Saint Louis Chess Club to watch the encounter between the World Champion and his challenger. The face off attracted so much attention that only media was allowed in the playing hall for the first 15 minutes of the game, while the fans patiently waited their turn.

Pia Cramling’s tournament

Pia Cramling

Pia Cramling

1–2th of September it’s time for Pia Cramling’s tournament in Stockholm.

Two parallell tournaments will be played – Pia Cramling’s Invitational tournament and Pia Cramling’s Ladies Open.

Garry Kasparov will play in the Champions Showdown Chess 960

unnamedThe Saint Louis Chess Club will bring ten of the top chess players in the world, including legendary world champion Garry Kasparov, to play in the Champions Showdown this September.

Russian Championship Superfinals Officially Opened in Satka

5V4A1148The Opening Ceremony of the Superfinals of 71st Russian men’s championship and 68th Russian women’s championship took place on August 24th in the Magnezit Palace of Culture in Satka, Chelyabinsk Region.

First Division of the Top Chess Engine Championship starts

The First Division of the Top Chess Engine Championship starts today at 22:00 CEST, live on the official website and the Twitch TV channel. The six seeded participants will be Jonny, Chiron, Fizbo, Booot, and Fritz. They will be joined by the Div 2 winner Ethereal and the runner up ChessBrainVB.

Version updates for First Division

Francophone Chess Championship 2018

affiche-3f23aThe 6th edition of Francophone Chess Championship 2018 will be held in Tirana – Albania from 25 August- 2 September under the “High Patronage of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie”.

Sinquefield Cup Recap – Round 5

unnamedThere were no changes in the standings after a peaceful day in Saint Louis. For the first time in the tournament, all the games ended in draws but it wasn’t for the lack of trying. Both Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura had excellent chances to score a full point but vigilant defense was the theme of the day.

Sinquefield Cup Recap – Round 4

unnamedMagnus Carlsen’s prediction of four draws and one long decisive game came true. While the leaders drew quickly, Fabiano Caruana’s win over his countryman Hikaru Nakamura allowed him to join the pack. There is now a five-way tie for first, an uncommon occurrence at highly contested top level events.


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