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Arkady Dvorkovich elected FIDE President

Arkady Dvorkovich is elected new FIDE President at the General Assembly that took place on 3rd October in Batumi, Georgia.

Members of the Presidential Ticket of Arkady Dvorkovich are elected into office:

Bachar Kouatly – Deputy President
Sewa Enyonam Fumey – General Secretary
Mahir Mammedov – Vice President
Julio Granda Zuniga – Vice President
Zhu Chen – Treasurer

TCEC Cup 2018 brackets

Serbia suspended from voting in FIDE elections

Official FIDE logoThe FIDE Ethics Commission during the meetings held in Batumi, Georgia, made the decision regarding the Case no.

Police Report Filed in Batumi

On September 30, 2018, Georgios Makropoulos’ team filed a police report in Batumi regarding a case of alleged violence against his team.

The incident is described in the report below.

police report in Batumi

An Indian and Colombian engagement at the Batumi Olympiad

Niklesh Jain of India proposes to Angela Franco of Colombia minutes before the start of 2nd round of the Batumi Olympiad 2018!

It was a surprise for Angela, while Niklesh had planned it all! An amazing moment not just for Niklesh and Angela but the chess community in general.

A Colombian got engaged to an Indian at the biggest possible event in chess where people from 189 countries are taking part! Gens Una Sumus!

Chess Olympiad Brilliancy Prize

Chess Olympiad 2018 liveThe NNLE and The Organizing Committee of the 2018 World Chess Olympiad are pleased to announce the special “Olympiad Brilliancy Prize” awards.

England supports the Presidential ticket of Georgios Makropoulos

ECF newsAt an ECF Board meeting held on 20th September the ECF Board decided by a clear majority to support the Presidential ticket of Georgios Makropoulos in the FIDE Presidential elections to be held alongside the Chess Olympiad at Batumi on 3rd O

Vladimir Putin with Russian national chess teams

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with members of Russian national chess teams who are currently training in Sochi ahead of the Chess Olympiad.

The President wished the players success at the upcoming 43rd Chess Olympiad in Batumi. They also had a short conversation about promoting chess in Russia and training a new generation of chess players, including at the Sirius centre, where this activity is led by Vladimir Kramnik.

World Chess Championship 2018 live with a Neural Network

The World Chess Championship 2018 is the first in history that will have live analysis by a Neural Network. Carlsen – Caruana is going to be commented by Lc0 (aka Leela Chess Zero), the neural network project based on ideas of Alpha Zero by Google DeepMind.


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