Σκακιστικά νέα

Vajda wins Arad Open 2018

bannerThe 11th Arad International Chess Festival is a 9-round Swiss open taking place from 5-12 August 2018 in the Continental Hotel in Arad, Rumania. The event is organised by the Vados Chess Club Arad.
In Group A 254 players took part.

Hovhannisyan wins Riga Open 2018

rtu_open_2018_web8th international chess festival „Riga Technical University Open 2018” took place on August 6th – 12th in already traditional venue – international exhibition centre “Kipsala”.
In the A group 260 players took part.

Ethereal chess engine leads TCEC Div 3 convincingly

Ethereal is an engine by Andrew Grant which was first released officially in 2016. In the beginning of of 2018 it entered Season 11 of TCEC and just a few months later won TCEC Div 4. While that looked at a minor success at the time, those who read the interview of Andrew Grant knew something big is coming from this 21 year ambitious Baltimore college student.

Interview with Arthur Kogan

The captain of the Italy team GM Arthur Kogan was in Sofia and found some time to speak with our editor GM Marian Petrov.

MP Hello Arthur, welcome to Sofia. You are here for the VIII World Team Chess Championship for Blind and Visually Impaired. Can you tell us more about it?

Washington International 2018

wash_intl_mediumThe 7th Annual Washington International is a 9-round Swiss tournament taking place in Rockville, Maryland, USA from 11-15 August 2018. The A section is for players with a FIDE rating of 2100 or above.

16th Spilimbergo Open 2018

img_homeThe Spilimbergo Open is a 9-round Swiss tournament taking place from 10-15 August 2018 in Spilimbergo, Italy. Players receive 90 minutes for the entire game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one.

Topalov vs. Ding Liren

wKhpB1tsG-yAMMU3AABsPzTdaBE344Chinese no. 1 Ding Liren returns after injury in his home city of Wenzhou with a 4-game match against former World Champion Veselin Topalov from Bulgaria.


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