50th International Ladies Grandmaster Tournament Belgrade

belgrade winnerThe 50th International Women’s Day Grandmaster Tournament will be held from 3 to 13 March 2018 in Belgrade.
It will be 12 players round-robin tournament.

The tournament dates back to 1965 and has made a great contribution to the popularization and development of daily games, as well as the progress of talented chess player of many generations.
This year the number of participants increased to 12 and 7 to 5 domestic and foreign chess player from Russia, France, Romania, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

list of players.

Videnova Iva 2323
Tomilova Elena 2313
Gajcin Marina 2295
Velikic Adela 2293
Injac Teodora 2291
Rapport Jovana 2282
Eric Jovana 2265
Chelushkina Irina 2261
Blagojevic Tijana 2249
Dragomirescu Angela 2235
Dimitrijevic Aleksandra 2234
Maisuradze Nino 2210