Carlsen wins Lichess Bullet Arena

Just a day after winning the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour, Magnus Carlsen scores yet another title. Playing with his traditional online username GM DrNykterstein, Carlsen won the Lichess Bullet Arena. The World Chess Champion finished with 114 points (Lichess system) and win rate of 87% ahead of GM Sergei Zhigalko with 96 points and 77% win rate and GM Jonas Bjerre with 73 points and 66% win rate.

Carlsen had a difficult start of the tournament after a loss to GM Zhigalko. This was followed by shaky play – a win in game 2 vs agnivo2008 (2266), but another loss to FM Lucasran. This prompted Carlsen to start “berserk” play i.e. a Lichess feature that gives you more points, if you start with half of your time. Magnus stabilized his play and from game 10 he won 22 consecutive games!

Replay some of Carlsen’s games below. Note: this is bullet play and the quality of play matches the time control

Replay the Lichess Bullet Arena here

Video by GM Zhigalko

Here is a video stream of the event by GM Zhigalko. His victory against Carlsen is right after the first 15 minutes. Later in the video you can find two rematch games.

GM Zhigalko – GM Carlsen 1-0

GM Carlsen – GM Zhigalko 1-0