Charlotte Invitational Chess 2021

The Charlotte Invitational Chess 2021 is going to take place 27-31 May. It consists of two round robins valid for FIDE norms.

Charlotte Invitational GM A is a closed ten player event with GM Peter Prohaszka as to seed. 6,5/9 is the needed score for a GM norm and a total of seven players will try to take it. The IM B tournament is also a ten player event. IM Alexander Matros is top seed and the IM norm stands at 7,0/9.

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Charlotte Invitational GM A

Title Name FIDE USCF Fed Norm
GM Peter Prohaszka 2567 2618 HUN
GM Mark Paragua 2529 2622 PHI
GM Tanguy Ringoir 2474 2554 BEL
IM Daniel Fernandez 2458 2540 USA 6.5/9 GM
IM Christopher Woojin Yoo 2455 2540 USA 6.5/9 GM
IM Kassa Korley 2441 2538 DEN 6.5/9 GM
FM Shankar Gauri 2385 2458 IND 6.5/9 GM; 5.0/9 IM
IM Sahil Sinha 2375 2453 USA 6.5/9 GM
IM Arthur Guo 2359 2447 USA 6.5/9 GM
Tianqi Wang 2317 2412 USA 6.5/9 GM; 5.0/9 IM

Charlotte Invitational IM B

Title Name FIDE USCF Fed Norm
IM Alexander Matros 2373 2408 KAZ
IM Nikolai Andrianov 2365 2431 RUS
IM Roberto Abel Martin Del Campo Cardenas 2290 2365 MEX
FM Vincent Tsay 2285 2392 USA 7.0/9 IM
FM Carlos Sandoval Mercado 2252 2327 MEX 7.0/9 IM
FM Robby Adamson 2250 2338 USA 7.0/9 IM
NM Eddy Tian 2204 2326 USA 7.0/9 IM
FM Doug Eckert 2165 2258 USA 7.0/9 IM
NM Matan Prilleltensky 2136 2284 USA 7.0/9 IM
NM Dominique Myers 1985 2182 USA 7.0/9 IM

The organizer of the events is the Charlotte Chess Center & Scholastic Academy. CCCSA, founded in March of 2014, serves as a place where members of all ages and skill levels can congregate and enjoy the royal game of chess. The CCCSA also has an open library of over 700 books.

The CCCSA serves as an educational hub for chess in the Charlotte area; offering camps, classes and lectures year round.

The CCCSA runs weekly and monthly chess events such as weekly rated play, special events, lectures, classes, weekend tournaments. The CCCSA is constantly making efforts to create partnerships with local and national educational programs to further the expansion of chess not only locally but nationally.

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