Fair play at its best #TweetOftheDay

An interesting situation arose at the European Hybrid Qualification Tournament in the game between the Israeli chess star GM Boris Gelfand (ISR, 2676) and GM Jergus Pechac (SVK, 2519). After two draws in games with classical time control, the first rapid game ended with the same result. The second rapid game went sharply when Gelfand suffered a mouse-sleep on move 16 and placed the queen on the attacked square, giving it away. Jergus Pechac proved that chess is a gentleman’s game and in the spirit of majestic sportsmanship offered a draw.

The Secretary General of the European Chess Union Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou sums up the situation:

Gelfand accepted and the winner of the match was decided in an Armageddon game. Jergus Pechac had the white pieces and won the dramatic match, earning a place in the 3rd round.