Fritz wins and qualifies for TCEC First Division

Fritz 16.1 is the winner of TCEC S12 Div 2. Fritz collected 18,0/28 and got the gold medal in a very contested race. Last year Fritz entered the Top Chess Engine Championshi for the first time in history. It dominated Division 3, qualified to Division 2, and this year it will proudly boast as a First Division engine.

The second engine that qualifies together with Fritz is Texel with 17,5/28 qualify for the TCEC First division. It starts today at 16:00 CET with the participation of Fizbo, Ginkgo, Booot, Jonny, Gull, Laser, Fritz, and Texel, you can follow it live on the official website

TCEC Div 2 final standings

1. Fritz 18.0/28
2. Texel 17.5
3. Xiphos 15.5
4. ChessbrainVB 13.5
5. Nirvana 13.5
6. Hannibal 13.0
7. Arasan 11.0
8. Vajolet 10.0

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fritz 16