IM Dante Beukes and WCM Lishen Mentile are 2021 Namibia Chess Champions

The Namibian Chess Championship 2021 took place 30 April – 04 May in the Windhoek Country Club Resort. The open section was a ten player single round robin. IM Dante Beukes dominated the event and finished with a perfect 9,0/9

The women section was eight player single round robin and was significantly more contested. WCM Lishen Mentile collected 6,0/8 , half a point ahead of WFM Rauha Shipindo.

Flashback: Dante Beukes wins U12 Namibian Championship in 2015

Here are the final standings:

Namibian Chess Championship Open Section

1st IM Dante Beukes
2nd Goodwill Khoa
3rd CM Charles Eichab

Namibian Chess Championship Women Section
1st WCM Lishen Mentile
2nd WFM Rauha Shipindo
3rd Keisha-Cathriona van Wyk

Namibian National Chess Championship Section B
1st Leonard Nghifikwa
2nd Justin Samalesu
3rd Dudley Noreseb

Namibian National Chess Championship Section B Women

1st Patience Tsuses
2nd Naletti Nkonkwena
3rd Susan Iiputa

Photos: Namibian Chess Federation