The new Chessdom is here!

The new Chessdom is finally here! Check out our updated sections and beautiful new design!

The new Chessdom will stay true to the established principles of chess promotion via independent journalism. What is more, we have augmented our mission! Now you will find special sections dedicated to Women chess, young chess talents, and chess education. Prominent space will reflect the ever more popular chess streamers and the exciting world of computer chess.

Here’s your new favorite pastime!

The Carlsen – Nepomniachtchi 2021 match will be a central topic of the website for the months to come. We will cover every story, reaction, and development.

Girl power! For years women chess has been sidelined. It is time for a change. Chessdom will promote, support, and cover any initiative that gets us closer to equality.

What does the future of the chess hold? The next generation of bright minds will need your initiatives, events, courses, innovations and support. While the world is waiting for the next Magnus Carlsen or Beth Harmon, Chessdom will be promoting all global events directed to a better future for chess.

Chessdom passionately welcomes tech related chess news. Computers are not only a perfect analysis partner and an effective educational tool, they are also the source of extraordinary chess battles, which you will be able to fully appreciate on: Top Chess Engine Championship