Russian Team Chess Championships 2021

Three Russian National Team Chess Championships 2021 are underway in Sochi: 28th Russian Team Championship Premier League, 22nd Russian Women’s Team Championship, and the all-Russian Team Championship Higher League.

Playing for their teams, Russian Grandmaster super stars are taking part in the event, with the top seed Andreikin Dmitry, followed by Vitiugov Nikita, Dubov Daniil, Artemiev Vladislav, Esipenko Andrey, and in Women’s section Lagno Katerina leads the line-up, with Shuvalova Polina, Kosteniuk Alexandra, Pogonina Natalija, Bodnaruk Anastasia, Girya Olga and others.

Goryachkina Aleksandra, the challenger in a Women’s World Championship match 2020, participates in an Open event, playing for Gogolevski 14 team, which currently holds the first place together with Mednyi Vsadnik, scoring 6 match points.

Moscow Chess Team and Kimmeria Team lead Russian Women’s Team National event with all three victories after three played rounds, while Higher League has a sole leader – Politechnique Chess Team, as the only one with perfect 3/3 score and 6 match points.

Results: http://chess-results.com/tnr559199.aspx?lan=1&art=0

LIVE games: https://lichess.org/broadcast/28th-russian-team-championship-premiere-league/round-4/LOzAKkWv

Official Website: https://ruchess.ru/en/championship/detail/2021/russian_team_championships_2021/