Throwback: 13 year old Magnus Carlsen meets Garry Kasparov, #TweetOftheDay

Going back into time when reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen was a 13 year old talented boy, while he spoke about impressions from the meeting with Chess Legend Garry Kasparov, Carlsen said: “I hope to become a world champion. It has to happen before 2020.”

The dream came true in 2013, when Carlsen defeated Anand Viswanathan at the age of 23, with convincing result 6.5-3.5. The match was played at Hyatt Regency in Chennai, India.

From then to now, Magnus defended the title of the World Chess Champion in 2014, 2016 and 2018 and this year plays the World Chess Championship match against Nepomniachtchi in a spectacular Expo Dubai 2021 venue.

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